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Telefonaci allo 0437 936730 o scrivici a fuoriposto@ulss.belluno.it


Where you can find the camper? Everywhere in Province of Belluno where is going on different kind of actions as:

Students’ events The one of them “Giornata della Creatività Studentesca”.May 2006 in Belluno Giornata dell'Arte Studentesca
Concerts Fuoriposto location close the final evening of Giovani di Note July 2006 In Pieve di Cadore Concerto
Public events In the Summertime you can find us every Thursday in Belluno Town Center at “Giovedi in Piazza”. Piazza
Discos Look at the Fuoriposto and Blu Runner CAMPERS outside of Shuttle disco place in Trento during "DiscoPro" Project Event (cfr. Documenti) in cooperation with Disco's Owner Trade Union Discoteca
Pubs and Taverns The Fuoriposto and the other CAMPERS gathered by “Mr. Brown” disco pub in Belluno during National Congress Enjoyourself Pub
Local Festivals In Summertime there is crowd of people who attend different kind of entertainment places, for instance, festivals. Over there prevention activities get the meaning.Picture from Rivamonte Agordino, June 2006. Sagra paesana
Ski slops One of the places where alcohol consumption is very high specially with tourists. Picture from Arabba, February 2006 Piste da sci