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Telefonaci allo 0437 936730 o scrivici a fuoriposto@ulss.belluno.it


Test monossido di carbonio

The CO-Test device also called as a Smokealyzer allows to measure the carbon monoxide level in the blood – easily blow into the device. The result in PPM comes up in few seconds and it also can be converted in percentage.

The Smokealyzer is also a prevention tool to help smokers to give up smoking.

Since Summer 2004 the Smokealyzer has been used by Fuori Posto operators during outgoings of the CAMPER. Also the Alcohol-Test is available in this same outgoings.

Postazione fumo

The CO-Test is completely anonymous and you can make it for free.

You can have the CO-Test at least 15 minutes after your last cigarette.


How it is going on?

Esempio test CO

Before the Test the operator is questioning you about some important information to do statistic. For example, the quantity of cigarettes you smoke. And don’t worry the received dates and information are completely confidential.

After that, you have to breath deeply and hold your breath for 15 seconds (closing your nostrils as showed in the picture);

After 15 seconds you have to take slow and calm breath into the mouth piece into the mouth piece until your lungs are completely empty (watch beside)



Who can do the Test

Everyone who wants to measure the carbon monoxide in blood especially for smokers or ex-smokers. That kind of people have more possibility to be intoxicated with carbon monoxide. .


How to do the CO-Test

Come and ask to Camper operators. They will help you!!!