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Telefonaci allo 0437 936730 o scrivici a fuoriposto@ulss.belluno.it

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FUORIPOSTO это проект, который финансирован SerT di Belluno: В проект входит 3 годовой стратегический план против наркотиков”Lotta alla droga”. Покозатели проекта города Belluno профилактического центра зависемости.

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NEXT OUTGOING (Watch the list)

  • ==> 21 Jun 2008 Arsiè - Sport and Musical Festival
  • ==> 25-26 Jun 2008 Ibiza - Prestige and Amnesia Clubs

HERE YOU FIND INFORMATION about the project:


  • INFO about alcohol, drugs and smoke
  • "SerT@mente" section about our graphic and communication laboratory where you can see our informative products. It is always available at Infodesk near the camper or sending email to the project.

New Pictures now available:

Club Health 2008